There are also lose weight? With delicious diet it’s easy!

lose weight

Statistics 7 out of 10 respondents are dissatisfied with their weight. But to lose weight and bring the body in order turns out not at all. Extreme diets, strict fasting, psychological stress leads to disruptions and the new weight. Hands are lowered.

However, there is an effective way by which you can see the cherished numbers on the scales without the hunger strikes and the use of dubious drugs. Intrigued? Then read on. Continue reading “There are also lose weight? With delicious diet it’s easy!”

Your guide for the care of skin problems at home

skin problems at home

Today we will talk about the actual problem for many girls and women, and perhaps men. We will talk about the care of problem skin. How to support her health at home, without resorting to expensive procedures? Is it possible to improve its situation and to solve at least some of the problems, because that afflict our appearance?

First, let’s define some terms. First of all, we should clarify what is meant by problem skin? The most common ordinary people think it’s – Teenager skin covered with pimples and blackheads. In fact, the so-called skin, which has a certain serious problems, worsening of its kind. It can be not only acne, but also redness, peeling, excessive dryness, susceptibility to allergies, premature aging. Home for problem skin care needs as fully as possible to meet all of its requirements – only in this case it will be effective.

That is, before you choose the means of care for problem skin, it is necessary to formulate precisely for themselves, with what kind of problem we are going to fight. Continue reading “Your guide for the care of skin problems at home”

Stress could help activate brown fat


Not all the fat we have is bad, we also have a fat that is good and we must also know how to activate and use it, it is brown fat, also called brown fat or brown fatty tissue, whose main function is to produce heat. Specifically this fat is able to generate power without using common energy systems of our body, using as fuel the white fat that we directly, without producing ATP, i.e. would burn our white fat to brown fat thanks.

Well, a new recent study published in the journal Experimental Physiology, has concluded that mild stress stimulates the activity and heat production of brown fat, associated mainly by increases in cortisol. People who have a lower BMI usually have larger amounts of brown fat. Continue reading “Stress could help activate brown fat”

Active rest between sets, a way to recover

Active rest

A topic that has always worried us when it comes to training is the time we have to wait between sets. We have often commented that the ideal is a minute’s rest, or even depend on the type of training and the person in question. Therefore, and to dispel any doubts in this post we want to give some key points about rest between sets of one form or another.

In the gym often we see people checking the time with a stopwatch between sets . This may be a solution, but it depends on what you want to get with the workout to do it one way or another. Ideally you should alternate one way or another of rest, but that yes, you have to put aside laziness and breaks too Between series. Continue reading “Active rest between sets, a way to recover”

HIIT, Pilates and Yoga at home for rainy days

HIIT, Pilates and Yoga

Rain, cold, wind … There are days when time does not go along and we do not feel like leaving home for anything, not even to train. We can take these days as a “medium-bound” rest or we can choose to stay active training at home thanks to new technologies.

Obviously it will not be an equal workout that you can do in the gym or outdoors, but it is a great opportunity to try new disciplines such as Pilates or Yoga , or for a quick workout HIIT. Here we bring you three videos with which you can train this rainy weekend, with no excuses! Continue reading “HIIT, Pilates and Yoga at home for rainy days”

Low cost gyms can increase risk of injury in beginners


Despite having tried on countless occasions the issue of people who start training and points to be taken into account to not acquire vices or exercises that may end up affect them, we want to sound the alarm because More and more people are training poorly and are not aware of it. To help resolve this, in this post we want to remember some important tips to keep in mind. Continue reading “Low cost gyms can increase risk of injury in beginners”

Some enemies of testosterone


On countless occasions we have talked about how important it is for the body maintain correct levels of testosterone. In this post we will not stop at how to get it, because what we do is focus on some agents or circumstances that make testosterone decreases and therefore the levels of it in the body would be threatened without realizing it.

First of all we must remember that testosterone is necessary for the proper functioning of the body, as it has a direct link to the proper muscle formation, bone, sexual appetite … Of course that man is an essential hormone, and Thing goes further, since it can help us to prevent prostate cancer, the onset of certain coronary diseases … Continue reading “Some enemies of testosterone”

Do athletes only use quantitative bracelets? This can help sedentary adults


One of the best things quantification bracelets is that they have managed to sensitize many people that they have to move. To see in the screen or in our mobile that we do not reach the daily targets or that we consume few calories through the movement (much less than we expected, surely) can be a stimulus to put the batteries to us. Continue reading “Do athletes only use quantitative bracelets? This can help sedentary adults”